Our Partners

Our partners (tour operators) we book with are hand picked as we trust them to deliver a fantastic holiday experience for you. Here's a selection of the tour operators we use...

Short & Medium Haul Package Holidays 

Jet2 Holidays 
Hays Tour Operating
Olympic Holidays
Red Sea Holidays
Classic Package Holidays
Balkan Holidays
Gambia Experience 

Long Haul & Tailor-Made Holidays

Gold Medal 
Travel 2
If Only
Mainstreet USA
Hays Tour Operating
Captivating Cuba
Goa Experience 
Walt Disney Company
Travelopia Group - Hayes & Jarvis, Austravel, American Holidays, Citalia
Emirates Holidays

This is just a small flavour of the tour operators we book holidays with. We're sure you would agree, MyKinda Travel are very well placed in order to search and book a wide variety of holidays for you. 

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We Also Offer

Family Holidays

Finding a holiday that's perfect for the whole family doesn't have to be a hassle. In fact it's our speciality! We offer a wide range of accommodation, all of which offer a fantastic variety of facilities and activities that are perfect for keeping the kids entertained. 

Long Haul Holidays

Can't find long haul holiday destinations on our website search? Our search is linked to our fantastic partner Jet2 Holidays and the deals we offer with them. However, rest assured long haul holidays are very much a part of what we offer here at MyKinda Travel! 

All Inclusive Holidays

Make your money go further and book an all inclusive holiday, it's the smart way to enjoy your special time away. From flights to food, everything is all wrapped up in the price of your break.